woopra tracking code outdated

the correct code should be:

<script type="text/javascript">

var wsc=document.createElement('script');
var ssc = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
ssc.parentNode.insertBefore(wsc, ssc);

Closed (fixed)


forgot to mention: the new code should be probably added as "start_addscript"

I believe these are the "old" instructions. I read that you can place the new code "anywhere".

I think the idea of "asynchronous" is that you can place it at the "beginning", because it doesn't block the page loading process. So ideally it should be placed before the end head tag (like the google asynchronous code).

Do you have a pointer to any woopra docs where they say to place the tracking code in the head section?

Admittedly this is what most other analytics services do, but it would be nice to have "official" confirmation ..


PS probably not the right place to request a new feature. Do you have any plans to allow the user to copy and paste whole tracking code (and my be elso whether at start or end), instead of pasting just the id? I personally find it kind of hard to copy just the id. Usually it is not possible to copy just the id from the original tracking code page, because of the javascript code, that "autoselelects and copies" (if you know what I mean) This would also make your module more flexible (and you don't have to update all the time :-).

Thanks, I'll have Virtualmin put the woopra code in the head section in the next release.

Being able to enter any javascript to be inserted into each page is a pretty good idea too ..

Yes, and much easier for the user. And I forgot to mention some scripts like woopra allow the user to change certain parameters (e.g. idle time or url), currently no way to change this (besides modifying Google...pm)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

Support for adding arbitrary script blocks to the top or bottom of pages has been implemented, for inclusion in the 2.6 release of the analytics plugin for Virtualmin.