A Fatal Error from PHP


I just installed a fresh Ubuntu 10.04 server edition and a fresh Virtualmin with install.sh. I made a Virtual Server for a website and uploaded the suff.

Now, when I enter the site, I get:

Fatal Error: ezSQL_mysql requires mySQL Lib to be compiled and or linked in to the PHP engine

So I checkt php.ini (under Webmin > PHP Configuration) and everything seems normal, nothing with 'mysql' in it seems commented or something.

Is there anyone who know's what is making this problemen, en how and where exactly I can repear it?

Closed (fixed)


I'm so sorry. I just fixed it myself by installing php5-mysql. Seems the Virtualmin installer forgets that one!

Yes, Virtualmin doesn't install php5-mysql by default, but will fetch it automatically if you use the Install Scripts feature to install an app that requires it.