SpamAssassin Seemingly Not Applying Settings

I want to change the spam classification score within SpamAssassin, as well as some of the message modification settings. To make these changes, I login to Virtualmin as root, select the required domain from the virtual server list and open Services->SpamAssassin->Spam Classification. I change what needs changing, hit 'Save', then press the 'Apply Settings' button. However, when I send myself a test email (from a server outside my network) and view its headers, they look exactly the same. The score is still set to 5.0, and settings made previously on the 'Message Modification' page are not reflected in the message headers. Do I need to run some sort of script to apply the new settings to all mail users?



What options did you change on that page exactly? If you increased the "Hits above which a message is considered spam", the score a message is assigned wouldn't change ... but it might be classified as spam when it wasn't before, or vice-versa.

I simply changed the required score above-which a message would be considered spam. When I looked at the email headers of new emails, however, the required level was still read as the old value. Through looking at recent updates to a similar ticket, I have ascertained that my per-domain settings were not being applied due to me using spamc instead of SpamAssassin processes for each message. Are per-domain settings when using spamc not at all possible for a later version? While I haven't noticed a significant increase in CPU usage since disabling spamc, I have not added a great number of domains/accounts to the server yet so am not running at full capacity.

Ok, that would explain it .. this is actually a Virtualmin bug, as it shouldn't even show the option to setup per-domain spamassassin settings when spamc is in use. Instead, you can change settings globally at Webmin -> Servers -> SpamAssassin Mail Filter.

Unfortunately due to the way spamc / spamd work, it is not possible to have per-domain settings. Whether the overhead of running spamassassin separately is worth it or not depends on your email load ..