Cannot restore virtual server


i have created a backup of a virtual server on one (old) machine - it's size is about 20 GB. I have transferred it to a new machine to restore it there. When i click on "Show What will be restored" the page loads forever and never returns - so i cnnot go further to really start the restore. Is this a problem with the size of the backup file? Please give me some advice what to do!

-- Best regards Jochen Peters



Howdy -- you may want to try performing the restore from the command line.

To do that, log into your server as root over SSH, and run this command:

virtualmin restore-domain --source /path/to/backup/file.tar.gz

Sometimes larger files don't work well when done via a browser over the web, but doing it from the command line should handle that.

Actually, the command needs to be :

virtualmin restore-domain --source /path/to/backup/file.tar.gz --all-features