IP routing using different physical NICs

The Goal: I have a 10 domain Virtualmin loaded on a server with 8 physical NICS. I am attempting to route all traffic IN and OUT on an assigned NIC per domain in order to allow for Commercial SSL certificates. The current results: currently the Firewall shows that virtualmin server is sending all traffic out on first NIC. Current Settings: FW: Pfsense - LAN routing and rules from a public IP to internal IP, so that: eth0 - public x.x.x.30 > LAN 10.x.x.30 - shared IP - no virtual domain eth1 - public x.x.x.31 > LAN 10.x.x.31 - private IP - virtual domain 1 eth2 - public x.x.x.32 > LAN 10.x.x.32 - private IP - virtual domain2

when I verify the ARP tables on my Firewall, I see that the virtualmin is sending the traffic from virtual domain2 out over the same mac address for virtual domain 1

does all outbound traffic use a single common NIC? I really hope to route traffic out the NIC assigned. Please input



Howdy -- all outbound traffic would indeed show up as being from your default gateway.

You can still use multiple SSL certificates, as each of your IP addresses are listening for incoming connections.

However, newly created outbound connections would all come from the IP address that's setup as the default gateway on your server.

Very few servers support using a specific IP for outgoing traffic, and I don't think any support it in a virtual hosting setup.

However, you can use SSL certs without needing to use a specific interface for outgoing connections. Only the IP that accepts the connection matters for SSL.

Any way I can turn that into a feature request? Would really love to be able to associate a domain outbound traffic with an IP address and NIC, and not share them all.

Unfortunately this isn't under Virtualmin's control - the individual servers that sent traffic (like Postfix and Apache) would need to be modified to support binding to a different IP for outgoing connections.