Dependency in new rpm


In the latest build of the repo package for ubuntu 10.04 lts, there is a dependency for; libsasl2

In the earlier version there is a dependency for libsasl2-2. This is the correct one.

The dependency in the latest version; 1.0-27, will not work, because this package is not available in the repo's anymore, and is replaced bij the libsasl2-2.

Package: virtualmin-base Priority: optional Section: misc Installed-Size: 72 Maintainer: Joe Cooper Architecture: all Version: 1.0-27 Depends: bind9, spamassassin, spamc, procmail, libnet-ssleay-perl, libpg-perl, libdbd-pg-perl, libdbd-mysql-perl, quota, iptables, openssl, python, mailman, subversion, ruby, irb, rdoc, ri, mysql-server, mysql-client, mysql-common, postgresql, postgresql-client, awstats, webalizer, dovecot-common, dovecot-imapd, dovecot-pop3d, proftpd, webmin (>= 1.346), usermin, webmin-virtual-server, libcrypt-ssleay-perl, webmin-virtual-server-theme, webmin-virtualmin-dav, webmin-virtualmin-svn, webmin-virtualmin-awstats, webmin-virtualmin-mailman, webmin-virtualmin-htpasswd, clamav-base, clamav-daemon, clamav, clamav-data, clamav-freshclam, clamav-docs, clamav-testfiles, libapache2-mod-fcgid, scponly, apache2, apache2-doc, libapache2-svn, libsasl2, libsasl2-modules, sasl2-bin, usermin-virtual-server-theme, procmail-wrapper, php-pear, php5, php5-cgi, webmin-security-updates, libgd2-xpm Filename: dists/virtualmin-lucid/main/binary-amd64/virtualmin-base_1.0-27_all.deb Size: 13150 MD5sum: b729a12a51530f7ae797b11297f2f860 SHA1: 4a6537b80d0272bcca0643595b9b8530b907b3cd SHA256: 5b54f8b3124506ab49a4a213dc03c180e67f4ce6344c27906b292a21ec93184d Description: Meta-package that depends on all of the appropriate packages for hosting with Virtualmin.



Howdy -- a fix should have gone out for that yesterday, in version 1.0-28 of virtualmin-base.

Try updating again and see if that works for you :-)