Issue Balancing Licensing between Cloudmin and Virtualmin

I've been supporting virutalmin and now cloudmin for several years now and like where you have been heading.

Other than a few test installs we have never implemented virtualmin or cloudmin.

We are now implementing cloudmin and virtualmin for internal use and then, once our team is comfortable, may begin offering them to customers.

I've licensed them personally so if we began offering cloudmin/virtualmin to customers we would get new (or different) licenses.

My question is for out internal use --

I licensed cloudmin for 10 servers but I have a license from the Pre-Cloudmin days for 1 virtualmin with 50 domains.

I'd like to distribute those domains across three or four of the cloudmin servers but I don't understand how that works --

Question #1: Cloudmin10 -> does 10 servers mean 10 instances? How does that breakout?

lets say I have three physical servers with Centos5 with an OVZ/Zen Kernel so I can add openVZ and/or Zen instance on each of the three servers --

Step 1 - Install Webmin on each physical server so that Cloudmin can manage the physical server I assume this uses up 3 of the 10 "servers"

Step2 - Install Virtualmin openVZ(or Zen) instances on the servers -- I assume I can only add 7 instances -- or do I get a full 10 Virtualmin instances if I only use Webmin on the physical servers

Question #2 -- My Virtualmin License is for 1 server with 50 domains -- How does this work with cloudmin? I remember Joe mention early on that if you licensed cloudmin you would have flexibility of distributing domains across several virtualmin instances BUT my licenses don't seem to be consistent with this goals ---

Do I need a Virtualmin Pro license for each instance??? Or just one instance and then use Virtualmin GPL for the other instances????

I am not reselling currently -- if we do we would negotiate something different I'm sure -- what I want currently is the --

Cloudmin functionality to create VPS across several small legacy servers and then use Virtualmin to manage several of our websites but distribute them across several VPS for redundancy and load-balancing

Since I'm sort-of grandfathered with the 1virtualmin:50 domains license (pre-cloudmin) -- would it make more sense to have 10 virtualmins for the same 50 domains ie that would allow us to manage the same number of domains total but across 10 instances (ie about 5 domains per virtualmin server)

If I understand the licensing -- this would now make sense:

1 cloudmin for a total of 10 virtualmin servers for a total of 50 domains

This is what I thought my licensing does but it doesn't seem to work out when I try to deploy more than one virtualmin server

I'd like to get this resolved this week -- 1) for my personal website hosting and 2) to have a few extra virtualmin instances for my team to play with -- since I'll need their buy-in if we are going to start to resell to our corporate customers before they commit to reselling to their customers

I think the Cloudmin:Virtualmin:Domain of 1:10:50 would be enough near-term for my personal needs and a bit of testing for the team



Currently, a Cloudmin licence for 10 systems means you can create and manage up to 10 virtual machines.

Virtualmin licences are supposed to be tied to a single system (real or virtual), so you can't spread the domains across multiple VMs. Although if you use Virtualmin GPL on some or all of your VMs, there is no need to purchase licences for those systems.

What most customers do is for each VM purchase one of the cheaper Virtualmin Pro licences, like the one for 10 domains.