www doesn't work

I made a new virtual server with all default settings.

www.domain.com doesn't work

domain.com works.

I have three other domains that work fine. Including one I made after this one.

I have delete this non working domain and added it back in, but no matter what I do, www.domain.com will not work. The browser just times out and says server taking too long. But if I remove the www. it works fine.

I have tried and added another new domain and it worked just fine.

Any ideas?

All settings are the same as the other domains, save for the actual name and password.



Howdy -- do the nameservers for that particular domain point to your Virtualmin server? If the DNS for that particular domain is a site other than your Virtualmin server, that's no problem, you'd just need to make sure that the DNS server is setup with a 'www' alias.

Also, you may want to run a DNS report over at intodns.com for that particular domain, they do a number of DNS tests and can tell you if anything is unusual about the DNS setup.