Customers accessing the control panel from there location

I need to be able to allow my customers to access there control panel from there location

At the moment i am using as i do not have a static ip address

what i want to be able to do is allow my customers to access there control panel from there computers were ever they are

I have opened all the ports required on the router but when i type in i am currently getting:

Error - Bad Request This web server is running in SSL mode. Try the URL https://IBM-7FFA209F07C.home:10000/ instead.

however customers can not use the link that it tells me to try using instead

What i wanted to use was which is a host i have set up with NO-IP

please can you advise me on how to correct this so that my customers can use there control panel

Thanks in advanced for any help you can provide me



Howdy -- it sounds like your server's hostname may be set to something that doesn't resolve externally.

Now, Virtualmin on your server could be accessed using the following URL (making sure to put the https in front there):

To correct the link offered by Virtualmin though -- you could either change your server's hostname to an FQDN that is resolvable, or you could go into System Settings -> Virtualmin Configuration -> Server Settings, and set the URL to use in "Virtualmin URL for use in email messages" near the bottom. Make sure to use a full URL there, including the "https://".