Automatic Reply Inconsistent with Usermin Mail Forwarding

There are at least three different but very similar locations for setting up mail auto-replies in Usermin:

1) "Automatic Reply" in the "Mail" sidebar menu. 2) "Mail Forwarding and Replies" in the "Usermin" sidebar menu, under the "Mail" sub-category. 3) "Email Filters" in the "Mail" sidebar menu, which is the same as "Filter and Forward Mail" in the "Usermin" sidebar menu, under the "Mail" sub-category. The "Automatic Reply" (#1 above) is the a subset of this filter module.

Both of these screens have fairly simple options to set up auto-replies, however they are inconsistent, which causes confusion. For example, if the user goes into the forward module and selects the option to send an automatic reply, enters a message, and configures a minimum time between replies, none of these options are propagated to the Automatic Reply module, even though they have almost the exact same counterparts. If the user later goes into the Automatic Reply (filter) module, it appears that auto-replies are turned off, even though they are still configured in the forward module.

I haven't tested further to see what happens if they are both configured separately (i.e. conflicts) or other issues that might arise from this redundancy.

Can this be made more consistent, or can one of these modules be removed to prevent confusion?

Thanks, Alan



Options 1 and 3 are basically the same thing - option 1 is just a more convenient shortcut.

Option 2 shouldn't be used .. and in a default Virtualmin install using out script, that module isn't even available. It configures .forward, which Virtualmin doesn't need.

You can control which modules are visible at Webmin -> Usermin Configuration -> Available Modules.

Sorry, I do neither see nor know how to activate options 1 and 3. Could you help me please?

Are you logged into Usermin? Those options are part of Usermin, rather than Virtualmin.

Option 1 is one of the options that shows up on the panel on the left when you log in, it's labeled "Automatic Reply".

Option 3 is found within the "Email Filters" link on the left.

If you aren't seeing those, you may need to go into the area within Webmin that Jamie described in his comment above in order to enable modules for Usermin that aren't currently available.

Yes, I'm logged into Usermin and I don't see such links (see attached screenshot).

I don't know which modules I have to activate for option 1 or 3. I've tried "Mail Forwarding and Replies", "Filter and Forward Mail", and "Procmail Mail Filter".

Despite some new versions of Virtualmin and Webmin have been released meanwhile, there is - unfortunately - still no direct link in the navigation on the left in Usermin to the autoreply settings (at least in German language) nor is it possible to set a start and end date for autoreplies like in Virtualmin. Could you solve these two issues, please?