how to add/manage/clone existing xen instances to cloudmin

I'm a little lost. I guess let me tell you what I want then maybe you can help me. Each physical server that I have has 6 xen instances running on them that I manually created. I just purchased cloudmin and what I was hoping to accomplish is the ability to add the existing xen instances to cloudmin to manage, and also a way to clone not only the xen virtuals but an entire machine to another server. Is this possible?

Thanks, Tom



You can certainly add existing Xen instances to Cloudmin. Assuming that you have added your Xen hosts as documented at , you can import a Xen VM as follows :

  1. Go to Add System -> Add Xen instance.
  2. Enter at least the IP or hostname of the system, select the Xen host and Xen instance on that host.
  3. Enter login details if you want Cloudmin to be able to fully manage the Xen VM.
  4. Click Add System

As for cloning, you can only clone a virtual system, not a real one. This can be done at System Operations -> Clone System.

Jamie, I'm not finding "Go to Add System -> Add Xen instance." or the "System Operations -> Clone System." anywhere on the menu.

Here are the versions I'm running: Webmin version 1.530 Virtualmin version 3.82.gpl GPL Cloudmin version 5.1 Theme version 7.8

On Cloudmin GPL, the correct path might be New System -> Add Xen Instance.

You can only clone a system after it has been added and selected on the left menu.

Ok, I think I'm still not clear. I added a 'New System -- Add physical system' but I'm thinking that probably wasn't right. Still no clone option. Do I need to upgrade to the pro version of virtualmin? Is that my problem?

Do you have cloudmin installed on the same system that you are running Xen VMs on?

I'm a bit confused here .. are you running the GPL or Pro version of Cloudmin?

You only need to install the Pro version on a single master system. The host systems don't need anything installed at all (other than the Xen kernel and tools), unless you plan to store Xen virtual disks on LVM. If that is the case, the host systems need Webmin installed.