Cloudmin ignores Default plan

quick overview of test environment 1 cloudmin master 1 xen host (running cloudmin gpl) 1 WHMCS admin server Default plan memory is 256

When a xen instance has been created via WHMCS api connected to master. The Xen instance seems to ignore the Default plan specified and actually created the xen instance with the master xen default set in the Cloudmin Configuration - Open Source Xen settings - Default Xen memory allocation = 512.

xen instance was created on the xen host with 512.



This might be a bug ..

Is the API call being made as root, or as a system owner? If it is being made as root, the plan will not limit the RAM granted to the system, as plans apply to owners and not systems.

API is called as a root user.

So I can wrap my mind around how to set this up could you provide some guidance on how I could accomplish the following.

I would like to use the api to do an owner setup for a single instance and have it autoprovision.

For instance plan 1 is for resller and they can setup X numbers of instances.

plan 2 is for a single vps instance and the owner can reimage etc.

Is that not how this is intended to work ?