WordPress 3.0.2 security update

3.0.2 was released a few days ago as a security update - please upgrade the script

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Yes, just noticed that this morning. I have triggered the upload of the new version, so you can pick it up at System Settings -> Script Installers -> Installer Updates -> Download script updates?.

3.0.3 is out with a security update

I have added 3.0.3 for both wordpress and wordpress MU to the script updates repository..

I have a question about WordPress 3.0.3 upgrades.

I have installed WordPress 3.0.3 as a new installation through the Virtualmin Scripts area.

However, before, there used to be an area where I could upgrade WordPress when a new version was available. The scripts area shows me WordPress 3.0.3 can be installed, but there is no upgrade script this time.


NEVERMIND - Figured it out. I was looking in the available scripts and not installed scripts, because that was where I went to do a fresh install on a different domain.

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