Non-Standard SSH Port


For security, we use a non-standard (other than 22) for all of our in-house servers. We got tired of brute-force attacks filling our logs.

However, I have been hesitant to change our primary Virtualmin server for fear of unintended consequences.

We don't have any non-admin SSH users ATM, and if we did, they'd be smart enough to use a non-standard port.

Is there a problem with changing SSH to a non-standard port for enhanced security?

BTW, I already changed a second Virtualmin GPL server that we use for limited functions (backup MX, backup DNS, etc.), and I haven't had any obvious fallout.

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Howdy -- it's no problem at all to use a non-standard SSH port for your server. A lot of folks do that, actually, for reasons similar to what you described.

Yes, a non-standard SSH port will work fine. The only possible issue is if you use Virtualmin to do a backup to a system with an non-default port. In this case, you need to enter the destination hostname in host:port format.

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