im having an issue when im trying to add a ssl cert, im getting the following error even though i know im typing the right pass-phrase

Failed to install certificate : Private key is password-protected, but either none was entered or the password was incorrect



i have managed to fix this by removing the passphrase, the problem seems to be it doesnt allow the following, which it seems to require for passphrases

-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY----- Proc-Type: 4,ENCRYPTED DEK-Info: DES-EDE3-CBC,47899BFFB973B289

Howdy -- I'm glad you got it working!

If you're interested, you're welcome to send me a password protected copy of your SSL cert and private key, and I'll see if I can get my test system here to show the same symptoms you saw on your server.

If you'd like to do that, you can email that to eric@virtualmin.com. Be sure to include what password you encrypted it with :-)