Unable to migrate MySql data from cPanel when Table name contains '/' character

This is the error code reported:

Error loading xxxxxx : ERROR 1103 (42000) at line 79: Incorrect table name 'xxxxx/xxxxxx'

I know that it's not a good way to name tables using the / character, but it's a good and old fashioned way to name relationship tables.

This is an option that exists on PhpMyadmin, Sql Server, etc

I got a bunch of tables that i was trying to import using the '/' character and i can rename them and import them, but then i need to switch them back to the '/' to avoid changing the whole programming code.

I don't know if Virtualmin reacts strange if i migrade the server (renaming the tables before) and then rename the tables back to the 'xxxx/xxxxx' names.

Thanks and keep up the good work.



Wow, that is an unusual table name ... I am surprised that MySQL even allowed it to be created originally :-)

That said, Virtualmin doesn't look at the table names when restoring a cPanel backup - instead it just passes the whole SQL file to the mysql command, which is producing the error you see.

One possible fix is to switch the default table engine for new databases to InnoDB, which may be able to handle tables with a / in them. This can be done at Webmin -> Servers -> MySQL Database -> MySQL Server Configuration. You will need to delete the partially failed domain first though.