Removal of user files upon deletion of the domain/user itself

The following files owned by virtual server users are not deleted when a domain (and also users under it) are deleted:

/var/spool/mail/{user} /var/log/virtualmin/{prefix}_*

This is not a big issue except that it counts against the quota of newly created user which gets assigned the same UID by Linux (reuse of UID). For example, I recently deleted a domain and then someone else managing the server created a new email user. The newly created email user immediately ran out of quota with several GBs of space usage - resulting from the leftover files owned by previosly deleted domain.



That's unusual, as this works fine on my test system.

When you delete a domain, do you see a message like :

    Deleting Apache log files ..
    .. done

If not, does the /etc/webmin/virtual-server/config file contain the line delete_indom=1 ?