persistent failure to make a file needed for google analytics


I think this is a bug, maybe a corner case. I am running VMPro on Centos in a virtual machine using Centos-Xen. I made a new virtual machine, set up the fqdn and so on and then installed VM GPL, hoping to be able to move my domains one at a time to the new VM and then switch to my Pro license. So I ran a backup using webmin on the Pro machine. This amounted to about 600-odd megs of data. Then I logged in to the new (destination) machine and made a new virtual server with the same name as that on the Pro server and ftp'd the backup file over and did a restore. That worked fine. I could not get access to the new machine until I had changed the DNS records to the IP address of the new virtual machine. Then I discovered that the new machine would not serve pages because apache wasn't running. Logging in to the ip address on port 10000 as root worked and showed me that apache was not running. I could not start it and could not get a comprehensible error message about why. I tried this from the command line as well as from the VM GUI. It may well be that I did not know where or in what log file to look for an error message. The thread here will partly detail what I did.

I found when trying to ftp from the old (Pro) virtual machine to the new (GPL) machine that my put command on failed with an error that I COULD figure out. I was told that I was out of space on the new machine. Didn't seem likely but sure enough when I checked there was the backup file (all 600 megs) sitting there alongside the restored site (also 600 megs) putting me over the 1Gig default limit. So I immediately allocated another gig of quota and rebooted the virtual machine. But following Eric's advice to remove the analytics option and then re-enable it had no effect. In the end I typed in the text of the perl file and made it executable and that seems to have made everything hunky-dory.

BUT this solution does not scale well and is quite unexpected. You'll see from locutus' remark that the behaviour obtains under reasonable circumstances but is undesirable. So it would be nice if I didn't have that particular problem to worry about, I'd like to get on with moving my other domains.




A couple of people have reported this bug, but I haven't been able to re-produce it yet. Certainly the restore process should create this script if it is missing.

In your case, was the analytics feature perhaps not enabled on the target system? You can check at System Settings -> Features and Plugins.

OK, on Monday I'll try moving another domain over to the new machine. Now analytics is enabled and on by default. So we'll see.


I'm pretty sure that will work fine, as there's only one copy of that file on the system, and you have created it already.

Out of interest, is the analytics feature actually enabled on the Features and Plugins page?

yes, as per Eric's advice I deleted and recreated it, it shows up as available and turned on.

The only case I can think of where this file would be missing is if that feature wasn't enabled when the backup was restored. However, this should generate a warning during the restore that your backup contains features that aren't supported on the system ..

OK, the next time I move a server over I'll look for the issue and let you know.


OK, the next time I move a server over I'll look for the issue and let you know.