Incremental backups after switch to pbzip2 are all empty

I applied the fix detailed here: After that it accepted the configuration check but when I ran an incremental backup, all the file sizes were zero. Ran it again this time not in the background and it thinks it succeeds, but the file sizes are still all zero.

I've tried to include the basics configuration wise, but I'm happy to provide more if needed. All updates, required by virtualmin or not have been installed, but otherwise, here's the details:

Virtualmin 3.82.gpl GPL Kernel pbzip2 1.0.2-0

Backup configuration: Incremental backup of all servers to local directory, one file per server



Howdy -- yeah, that code that isn't working is what checks to make sure you have the correct pbzip2 version. Unfortunately, versions prior to 1.0.4 won't work properly, as you're seeing :-)

The fix would be to upgrade to pbzip2 1.0.4 or newer, or to revert back to gzip or bzip2 for your backups.