Ok it tool a while but I tracked it down

I have two skel directories, skel and skelproduct. One for when I am installing new virtual server and another for when I installing new virtual server which needs a product I wrote. Depending on the template I use, depends on the skel directory that get copied.

Today I was creating a testing server and discovered that the files from skelproduct are not being copied across to the new server.

This has only been the case since the last update to Version 3.82



I just tested this, and the files in the skeleton directory set in an alternate template were copied just fine.

Did you set the "Skeleton directory for files" in the template?

I can confirm what Jamie said... I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 and Vmin 3.82 too.

Did you maybe forget to choose the right template when creating the server? That can happen easily, does often for me too. :)

I will run further test later today but

files in skel copied fine, associated with the default template.

files in skelproduct were not copied at all, associated with the product template. This worked perfectly prior to the latest update.

I tried creating a test server several times and got the same result each time. The result was the server was created empty.


I wonder if perhaps the new domain isn't being put on the template correctly? You can verify this on the Edit Virtual Server page.

If that still doesn't help, I could probably debug this further by logging into your system and creating some test domains..

It might also help to turn on Webmin's debug logging and see if there's any errors trying to access the skeleton directory or something.

Ok it tool a while but I tracked it down. It has nothing to do with the new version of virtualmin. At about the same time that Virtualmin version 3.82.gpl GPL became available I completed some major changes to my product. So I deleted the old version and used the upload feature in file manager to upload the new version of my program to the skelproduct folder. Neither the upload feature in file manager, nor the Upload and Download feature of Virtualmin allow you to set the permissions of the files and folders being uploaded. You have to set them after they have been uploaded, which I forgot to do. Of cause!

All the files and folders uploaded with the permissions of 0644 even though the skelproduct folder has the permissions of 755. Now in order for the files and folders to be copied from the skelproduct folder to the new server’s public_html folder, the folders have to have the permissions of 0755. However the files can have 0644. Which I find a bit strange.