Suggestion for new installer script: "Contao" (previously "Typo Light")

Title says it all. :)

When you have some time on your hands, you might consider the CMS "Contao" for auto-installation. A colleague at University showed it to me recently, and it looks quite nifty.



It certainly looks possible to support, being written in PHP and not having any insane dependencies..

Is there any relation between Contao and other scripts like Typo3 and Typo that Virtualmin already supports?

Actually, I don't know, sorry. :) I've never fiddled with Typo3... Or rather, well yeah, I have for a bit a while back, but found it to be too complicated for my purposes. I certainly didn't get as far as check out its inner workings.

Or.. What did you mean with "relations"? As in developers? Or files/codebase used?

I was wondering if they were based on the same codebase, as Contao used to be called "Type Light"

Yeah, I'm sorry but I have no info about that right now. I can ask my colleague at Uni next week, he possibly knows more.