Kubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Virtualmin installation, nilfs2, apache2

Today I successfully installed virtualmin on Kubuntu 10.10. I experienced 3 problems: Install.ssh: I had to change the installscript
case $os_version in 10.04) repos="virtualmin-lucid virtualmin-universal" into: case $os_version in 10.10) repos="virtualmin-lucid virtualmin-universal"

Second problem: I use nilfs2 as filesystem; I like it because it is extremely fast; After installing Virtualmin I discovered that Virtualmin had added groupquota and userquota to /etc/fstab; I had to remove them before I could boot into the system.

Third problem: Apache problem; Starting apache gave error; Status remained not started, although Apache was started; Found the solution in the forum: I had to add "var/run/apache2.pid" into webmin/servers/Apache Webservers/module_config/Configuration_category: System Configuration/Path to Apache PID file (At the bottum): /var/run/apache2.pid

So now I can use Virtualmin instead of a xampp control panel; I prefer Virtualmin, because apache, mysql, php is still automatically updated through Kubuntu┼Ť package manager. And I also saw a lot of other interesting stuff within Virtualmin.



Assigning this one to Joe, as he works on the installer and has to deal with the various Linux distributions.

Currently Ubuntu 10.10 is not on our list of supported distros. Generally we focus on those with longer-term support, which is more suitable for server use.