problem when switching to FCGID

Hello, I recently discovered that you ported FCGID from pro to GPL and I switched a few domains to use it. Everything was ok on the virtual servers except when I use global applications like Roundcube which is located in:


and setup in /etc/httpd/conf.d/roundcube.conf

I'm not sure how to go around this. Right now I have a single roundcube install available to each virtual domain.

How should I setup one install of roundcube global for all domains while using FCGid without having to redirect every domain to a single location where roundcube is installed.



Yeah, unfortunately, there's not really a simple way around that :-)

That's actually a suexec security feature though... files requested through suexec would need to exist in /home.

My suggestion for handling that would be to do the following:

At that point, any new Virtual Server would have that redirect setup for them. One of the big benefits there is that you can buy a single SSL certificate for, but all the domains on your server can take advantage of that.

That's what I was afraid of,

thanks for making it clear.