MySQL database failed! : SQL flush privileges failed

Creating virtual server via Virtualmin gives:

Creating MySQL login .. .. MySQL database failed! : SQL flush privileges failed : Table 'mysql.servers' doesn't exist at ../ line 1331.



Remember that the Support Tracker here is for Virtualmin Pro customers... for future reference, if you have Virtualmin GPL, you'll want to pop your questions into the forums.

However, it sounds like you're seeing a MySQL problem. Not having the "servers" table is an odd problem! Doing some Googling, it doesn't look like you're the only one to run into it though. This blog entry here contains a reasonable solution to what you're seeing:

This can happen if you did a major MySQL version upgrade, but didn't update the permissions tables.

Yes, I did upgrade MySQL, but believed Virtualmin is ok with this kind of upgrades.

The problem isn't with Virtualmin, it's with MySQL :-)

Take a look at the URL I mentioned above, there's a fair chance that'll get you fixed up.

andreychek, thank you very much for pointing this out to me - I am still newbee here and just learning how to properly use Virtualmin and its support website.

However, to save your time and energy from having to give such explanations about who can and who can not post issues, I would strongly suggest your party to simply not give users of GPL version a possibility to create issues. This is very against logic - if one see the links he can click on, eventually he will click on. You have registration system here, so it must be so easy for you to differentiate users of paid version and users of GPL and give them different accesses.