Whitelist/Blacklist from POP/IMAP Mail Client


I see in System Settings -> Virtualmin Configuration -> Spam filtering options where these options exist:

Add senders of spam sent to spamtrap to blacklist? Global, Domain level, No
Add senders of non-spam sent to hamtrap to whitelist? Global, Domain level, No

However, I suspect that I do not want to enable either of these because they are system wide and will affect all domains. Further, at least on the primary domain, we have a pretty varied userbase and "one man's spam is another man's ham".

Is there a way to enable this functionality on a per-user basis?

I would like it if when a user forwards a message to spamtrap that the original sender is blacklisted in their own blacklist and similar for hamtrap.

Thanks in advance,




Currently, no .. there is no way to do this from a POP3 client.