ocPortal Script Installer

Hey guys,

I recently discovered this CMS called ocPortal. Have you ever heard of it? I never heard of it before and I am pretty surprised I never considering what it seems capable of.

I am just wondering if it's possible to add it in as a Script Installer into Virtualmin. It is gaining popularity it seems and they are trying to find ways to help it grow and I would love if I could install and update it from within Virtualmin Script Installers and use it for some sites to test it out. If you can add it that would be awesome. If not then maybe I can figure out a way to make a script installer for it based on the other existing ones when I can get some time.

It is at http://ocportal.com

It takes a little bit of learning how to use I think but once you are past that it is pretty amazing and the devs are very helpful and involved.

It isn't GPL but it does use a free software license approved by the Open Source Initiative called CPAL. It is free and it is pretty amazing. Check out all its features and give it a try if you have time and see what you think. =)




I had a look, and ocPortal should be at least theoretically supportable, as it is written in PHP.

I will add it to my TODO list..

Wicked! Well thank you thank you thank you!

If you need help with it I am sure the devs would be happy to answer questions and help with whatever you like since they seem eager to hear feedback and help improve it and help it to gain popularity. And I really know barely anything. You probably already know more than I do.

I have only played with ocPortal for a couple days total but I managed to make a theme for it which I almost finished before I got caught up with something else. And it has its own language for the themes which is kind of interesting. I am really quite impressed by it.

And of course, I am still being impressed by Virtualmin every time I use it and every time I try to get help. You are all an impressive team and I appreciate it and everything you do. Thank you for sharing your product and your knowledge so generously and completely. Thank you!