please create console user for VM clients for maintenance


Can you please create a direct console connection on the XEN dom0 for clients to access their domU's on the console directly?

HyperVM has this option where if you setup a VM as "windows.vm", then you can conect to the VM's console by SSH'ing into the XEN dom0 directly, as such:

ssh -l windowsvm@xenserver and it will login to the XEN dom0 as user "windowsvm" and connect directly to the respective VM as well.

I find that the Text Console in CloudMin is just to slow to do much on it, especially if the management server is in one country and the XEN dom0 in another - we have servers all over the globe

What I'm referring to is similar to what's already there, but with direct access to the XEN dom0



This should actually happen already - when you create a VM, a user named like xen-yourmachine-console should get created, with the same password as the VM's initial root password. When you access the Text Console page, at the bottom are instructions on how to use this account..

Hi Jamie,

Yes, this does happen. But that user only has access to the management server, not to the specific XEN server where his VM is hosted. In our case the management server is in the USA and many client's servers in South Africa, which causes quite a long delay for SSH for a client who is in South Africa.

I'm asking that that user also get created on the local XEN server where the VM is.

And also please add instructions somewhere for the client to see how to connect to the console like this. When a client logs in, and he goes to the Text Console, there's no option (or maybe just indication) for him to connect directly via SSH.

Oh, I see .. I didn't realize you were asking for the login to be on the Xen host.

If they go to the "Console Login" page, there should be a message at the bottom with instructions on how to use SSH to connect.

Yes, I meant that a direct connection to the XEN server should be made, instead of the management server.

Those instructions are not displayed for clients, only for the admin.

That's odd, they should appear for all users.

Are clients using the Console Login page, or Root Shell ?