FYI proftp configuration glitch

After configuring my sites and returning to use FTP I got "Response: 550 .htaccess: Overwrite permission denied" when attempting to overwrite a file. I could delete and then upload the file but this error prevents subversion deployment scripts etc. from working.

I visited and applied the solution to modules.conf and it worked fine so I have an effective workaround.

I felt you should know that this problem can occur. I'm unsure why the 'global setting' for AllowOverwrite does not work.

I cannot tell exactly what I did to cause it but I updated the FTP directory permissions and reset them to their original values (which required restarting the proftpd service manually btw).



This is odd, I can't really confirm this behavior. For me, also in a fresh install, overwriting existing files - that belong to the server user and have the proper permissions - works all okay.

Are you sure the file you tried to overwrite was owned by the server user? (Also, please be aware that the forum post you linked is from 5 years ago... A lot can have changed since then. :) )

My ProFTPD config has a AllowOverwrite on directive on top-level and nothing else in this regard. Version is 1.3.2c, and I use Ubuntu 10.04 too.

Yeah, I'd be interested to know what an ls -l on that file shows when run as root via SSH. It might simply have the wrong ownership ..