Move to parent, UID trouble

I'm having some problems moving a virtual server to parent. I create a new user and password for the new parent but some options seems to be left behind.

The virtual server is still listed under the old parent in the dropdown, probably because somewhere in the system, it's still using the old UID.

This happend while validating: Home directory : Home directory /home/old-parent/domains/ does not exist

Apache website : SuExec user is set to #540, but the virtual server's UID is 502

I checked and and the UID is in fact 540 for the new parent, but it's still using the parent site's UID, which is 502.



Looks like the move failed ..

Eric - did you mention you were already looking into this case?

Ok, this looks like a different issue..

It looks like the rename may have failed part-way through. Do you still have the output from the rename page?

Try going to Webmin -> Webmin Actions Log and finding the event for the domain name. I would be interested to see what file changes are associated with that action, if any ..

Damn, that means that full file change logging wasn't enabled at the time so the detailed logs aren't available..

If you create another test domain and then rename it, does it fail in the same way?

Odd .... this is kind of hard to debug without seeing an error message, or the output from a failed domain move.