Dns Not sending zonefiles to slave

I've got two virtualmin servers, each at seperate locations. I've got 5 domains hosted on server1 and 2 domains hosted on server2. Both servers are the master for the domains hosted on them, and I've set the opposite server to act as a slave for those domains.

I added a domain to server2, and all the dns works and the zone file transfers seamlessly (deletes upon virtual server deletion changes upon update etc), and from what I can tell propagates correctly to server1 however, when i add a domain to server1, only a blank zone file is sent over to server2. And having left this for several hours, and even done a forced rndc update I can't seem to get the zone files to send from server1 to server2. Any ideas where to even start troubleshooting?



Check the log file /var/log/messages on both the master and slave systems for entries from named when you do an "rncd update". You will typically see something from BIND explaining why the transfer failed, such as the IP of the slave being blocked..