virtualmin and dns

Hi there, We have a scenario where 1 server actually running the latest commercial version of virtualmin where we create all virtual domains we need; then we have other 2 dns servers also managed with webmin one as a master and the other as a slave.

We would like to achieve: once we create a domain on virtualmin the default dns entries goes automatically on ns1 for an instance and as a slave on ns2 (we actually use cluster slave servers feature in webmin for doing that). The problem we encountered using virtualmin is that we were unable to specify an external server for managing dns, mail,ecc.. Would that be possible?

Thank you in advance,



There is no way in Virtualmin currently to use a separate server as your primary DNS. You can setup auto configuration of slaves as documented at , but the system running Virtualmin will always be the primary.

That said, you could setup your NS records in such as way that it is a "shadow master" and gets no DNS traffic, if you are concerned about load. This would be done by having only NS records for the slaves, and only using the slave IPs when registering domains.

Thank you, i think with the right scripting we can achieve that. The last question is about the mailserver, actually it only manages a local mailserver. In a default configuration we have seen that postfix will not accept mail for virtualdomains created without additional manual configuration on postfix itself. For the hosting compaies who are running like in our example external mailservers built on QMail how can we manage that? There is no way we can tell virtualmin to create virtual mail domains on other servers? Maybe a feature within cluster servers able to copy domains from one server to another will do the trick.

Thank you, Lucian