After using Script Installer the Maximum memory allocation value is set to 32MB

After using Script Installer the Maximum memory allocation value is set to 32MB no matter what the previous value was. The same problem appears also after using the upgrade scripts. It might also affect and the other resource limits but I'm not sure about this.

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Which script are you installing exactly? Some like vtigercrm and piwik will increase the PHP memory limit to 32M if it is below that, as they need more memory..

It has happen with Joomla and Vtiger CRM

So is the problem that the RAM limit is being set back down to 32M when you install those scripts?

Yes, that is the problem. One of my clients uses a Joomla module that needs more than 32MB

So is this memory limit set in /etc/php.ini , or in the domain's ~/etc/php5/php.ini file?

I did a test with a manually set memory_limit of 128M and then installed vtigerCRM , and it didn't lower the limit.

The memory_limit=128MB (for example) is set at ~/etc/php5/php.ini file and this is the file that the value is getting changed. On /etc/php.ini the value is always 32MB You better try to check it with Joomla uprgrade. Install (if possible) through script installer a previous version and then upgrade it with a newer version. It has happen to me more than 2 or 3 times so far. It is possible that VTiger might not be the case because I also found that the client has updated its Joomla website to 1.5.21 except installing VTiger so the problem might be caused by the Joomla upgrade. I also just tested it on a Joomla site (that I don't host any longer but I have been asked not to delete it for a couple of weeks) and it actually changed again the value from 128MB to 32MB.

Do you have any PHP variables set at System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default Settings -> Apache website -> PHP configuration variables for scripts ? That is the only other place I can see this coming from ..

You are right. The PHP configuration variable was "memory_limit exactly 32MB". I don't remember having play with it, so I believe that the default would be better to be "memory_limit at least 32MB" Thank you very much for you help.

Ok, that would explain it..

The default in all new versions of Virtualmin is "at least" 32M , but if you installed an old version and then upgraded it then that setting would "exactly" 32M.

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