Quotas again

Hey guys,

I've recently had reports from users that they are being notified that their quotas have been exceeded by a bit more than double the actual amount.

I've looked around the server outside of home and mysql using find + du utils and cannot find the excess files. I have a /backup mount on a second drive which quotas is not enabled so it can't be using that surely?

I've run quotacheck but the values aren't changing. Is there a way to list the files quotacheck has used to calculate that amount?

Finally I issued the command quota -v username from the command line and the amount shown here is displayed in blocks. This seems to equal the number shown in Virtualmin which is displayed in Megabytes. Users are being emailed with this block figure also.

If there is nothing wrong with this senario, is there a procedure to reset / recreate corrupt quota files?

Regards, Ryan



Are you seeing these high quotas for the domain, or for mailboxes? If for the domain, make sure you check for files with user or group ownership - you can use commands like :

find / -user domainuser
find / -group domaingroup

Hi Jamie,

Thanks, I'll try that.

All quotas also seem to have been set to unlimited. Is there a way to update each group / user without doing it manually?

Thanks,. Ryan

Do you mean the quotas as shown by the repquota command are all unlimited, despite limits being set in virtualmin?

There isn't really any built-in way to do this, sorry .. unless all your domains have the same quota, in which case you could write a script that uses the virtualmin list-domains and virtualmin modify-domain API commands in a shell loop.