Opening port 8080 for HTTP


As part of my task to manually set up Tomcat (for exclusive use) on a virtual server, I have accessed the following menu/configuration item: Server Configuration / Change IP Address / New HTTP Port

I then enter 8080 as a new HTTP port and then click on the button and I get the message: Failed to change IP address : New address is the same as the old

However, only port 80 is listed as an HTTP port. Am I missing something?



Why do you need to change the HTTP port to run tomcat though? Will it be listening on port 80, and you want to switch Apache to port 8080?

Well, to be more accurate... I am not personally the one who is attempting to install tomcat. I am collaborating with the person who is. They said that they wanted to open up port 8080 for HTTP traffic, and then configure apache to redirect to tomcat. I haven't a clue whether this is the recommended approach or not. If you have any suggestions, I'd be grateful for your input.


P.S. For what it's worth, I found a way to set 8080 as the HTTP port elsewhere in the options. Whether that is the desirable thing to do... is another story.

Ok, so it sounds like what they want to do is run tomcat on port 8080 (which shouldn't need any configuration in virtualmin at all), then proxy from their website to tomcat. This can be done at Server Configuration -> Proxy Paths, by creating a proxy from / to http://localhost:8080