Central SquirrelMail installation

I had a single installation of SquirrelMail available for all users as a mail. sub-server alias. Before our system was hacked last year I had no trouble with it. Since the rebuild, however, new users who log in end up with their default identity email address as user.domain@server.host.tld which is totally wrong but I can't figure out how I manage to get it working before. Any ideas? I am totally stuck on this one.




How did you install this central squirrelmail? When you install with Virtualmin it also sets up a plugin that is supposed to set correct default from addresses ..

I used the package available in the installation script and installed that in to a virtual domain, mail.domain.tld for example. As we have new customers I've added mail.newdomain.tld as an alias (via Apache, not Virtualmin > Create New Domain > alias)

Actually, I was wrong .. that squirrelmail plugin doesn't support automatically determining the correct from address for virtual users. As far as I know, squirrelmail has no way to do this ..

Ok, then that means I need to figure out how I got it working before or find another solution.

Yeah, you might need to talk to the squirrelmail developers. I would be interested to know if there is a solution, as I have never found one :-(