Website Redirects

If a website redirect is made from VirtualServer/Configure Website/Aliases and Redirects and an entry is made in URL redirects with a status code (ie 301) then website Redirects from Server configuration shows for URL path 301 instead of the actual path.

specifically if a redirect is added under Website redirects it appears as the following in the configuration:

Redirect /sample.html ""

This then appears under Aliases and redirects in the URL redirects with a blank status code. If a status code is added this modifies the line in apaches directives to: Redirect 301 /sample.html ""

Then in Website redirects the path is no longer shown as it appears the form isn't expecting a status code. Website redirects should have a popup field to select the status or at least a field to enter it in.



Thanks for reporting this - I will fix it in the 3.81 release of Virtualmin

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

sorry - re-opening - this one is not fixed yet I just had a look and it's still there...

Are you still seeing the exact same issue, or is the problem different now?