Website Redirects still seems broken

Closed (fixed)


There was a bug in older versions that caused a false error about an invalid URL when you saved an existing redirect .. but it should be fixed in 3.80.

What goes wrong exactly after you upgrade to the 3.80 version?

I get the exact same behavior as before, "false error", etc.

You can check on my server, right?

On, because of the issue I had with PEAR, I need to redirect Squirrelmail /webmail, to /mail2 (RoundCube)

So I put in the full url to the webmail directory, and /home/accountname/public_html/mail2

And I get the error message.

Could you tell me exactly what you are entering on the "Create Website Redirect" page? A screenshot would be useful ..

OK, I suspected that. Here you go.

Ok, I see it .. in the "Source URL path" field, you just need to enter /webmail instead of the full URL.

I will fix Virtualmin to allow use of full URLs here in future though.

Thanks, Jamie. When you say URL, I assume you mean a URL, not a path, so change the label, too, maybe. Any kind of example, tooltip, etc. you can provide would go a long way...

This is still completely fubar'd.

The two fields don't behave the same, the radio button doesn't even seem to work reliably.

Pitiful, really.

So, after trying dozens of combinations, and assuming that if the one URL field isn't really a URL, then maybe the other one isn't either, but, surprise! it is...

So what works is : /webmail Redirect to URL

Yes, that's what you want to enter. The first field says "URL path", which is the path including and after the / in the URL.

To make this easier in future, I will allow entering of a full URL in that field as well.

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.