Mail forwarding settings


Is it possible to disable the 'Mail forwarding settings' in the 'Edit Mail and FTP Users' section? We use sieve for this and it is integrated into Roundcube. Having these options (which are not working in our config) available is confusing for our users. It would be even better if the 'Mail forwarding settings' could handle sieve rules besides the procmail rules.

Thanks, Martijn



Unfortunately, there's no way to disable the mail forwarding feature.

I'll pass this along to Jamie in case he has any ideas on how you might accomplish what you're after.

Currently there is no way to disable that mail forwarding section .. however, even if you are using sieve it should still apply, as it configures /etc/aliases and /etc/postfix/virtual . And I think there are processed before sieve - they are certainly done before procmail.

Hi Jamie,

It is true that the aliases and virtual are processed before sieve. But on our configuration the server running virtualmin is not on the same server running postfix (for receiving mail). We sync the alias and virtual file via ssh. In our setup procmail is not in the loop anymore. It would be great if the Mail forwarding settings could also handle sieve. If this is not possible it would be very nice to write our own plugin for this part. Can you help us with this question?

Thanks, Martijn

For a custom setup like that, you'd need to write your own plugin...

What would you like the plugin to do exactly? Knowing that I can offer some guidance as to how it should be implemented.

Hi Jamie,

The autoreply option in the 'Mail forwarding settings' of the 'Edit Mailbox' page should go the a sieve script instead of a procmail script.

Thanks, Martijn

Ok, that could be tricky to implement ... you'd have to modify the virtualmin code to make this change, as a plugin doesn't have enough flexibility.