Error in waitpid(3): No child processes

When I try to start an openvz instance (System state -> Startup System) i always get this error message:

Starting up ..

.. failed : Warning: configuration file for distribution cloudmin-10000 not found default used Starting VE ... VE is mounted Adding IP address(es): Setting CPU limit: 50 Setting CPU units: 1000 Configure meminfo: 65536 Set hostname: File resolv.conf was modified VE start in progress, waiting ... Error in waitpid(3): No child processes VE wait failed Stopping VE ... VE was stopped VE is unmounted

When I start it from command line with "vzctl start 10000" it starts normaly.

What is the poblem? How can I start it from cloudmin?

Regards, Peter



What if you try to start it manually with the command :

vzctl start 10000 --wait

that is the command Cloudmin uses

same error. Do you have any idea why? I checked man page but I don't understand why I get this error.

Is there anything special about this OpenVZ instance? How was it created .. from a Cloudmin image, or some other method?

Yes, it was created from cloudmin page. We changed from Debian 5 to Centos 5.5 and problem disapeared.

That's odd, I can't re-produce this. If you create a new Debian Lenny instance using the default settings in Cloudmin, does the same problem re-occur?