error restore backup from xen to virtuozzo

after a clean instalation of virtualmin on new host (virtuozzo) i get an error after i restore from backup. my existing host is xen, both machines centos5.5.:

Extracting TAR file of home directory .. .. TAR failed!

/bin/tar: ./homes/aus/Maildir/.sent/cur/,RS: Cannot change ownership to uid 535, gid 501: Disk quota exceeded

i make modifications in quota manager in my new system at recomandation of my host provider: i replace /etc/fstab with /etc/mtab

but the error persist.

any help ?




Does this happen for all your domains, or just some? It might happen if a domain was really close to its disk quota on the original system. The work-around would be to turn off quotas, do the restore, then turn quotas back on again.

Another possible cause could be files already on the system with the same UID as the domain being restored. You could check with a command like :

find / -uid 535

i get error for all domains, doesn't matter how much quota they have. more than this, i make quota desable to all systems and all domains set unlimited quotas. the same error. maybe a clue: i see that /etc/passwd has no users inside alocated for new domain. if i create new domain from new virtualmin , everithing is ok. i can add users, they exest in /etc/passwd, quota is working fine... hmmm... strange


What if you try turning off quotas first, at Webmin -> System -> Disk Quotas?

I'm not sure how Virtuozzo handles quotas exactly, but it may be doing something odd here. Some Virtuozzo configuration may be needed to get them working properly.

i can not turn off quota ! quotaoff: quotactl on /dev/vzfs [/]: Invalid argument

BUT ! if i create the domain and users manualy, i can import the domain without any error!

How did you turn on quotas in the first place then?

You may need to edit /etc/fstab and remove the usrgroup and grpquota options from the / file system, then reboot.

i didn't. webmin installation script did the quota enable. after the clean installation i made the modifications in quota module, in order to change from /etc/fstab to /etc/mtab. another strange think: i try to restore a domain. i get that error with tar error, quota exceeded. i go to webmin>system>disk quotas / (users) / (groups) Reiser Filesystem /dev/vzfs User and Group Quotas Active Disable Quotas press disable quotas ! apparently no effect! nothing change in status. BUT, if i try to restore again the same domain, everything works fine....

Oh, so this is reiserfs? Another user reported a bug with OpenVZ and quotas on reiserfs, in which the disk usage according to the quota commands was way out of line from what actually existed on the filesystem. It almost looks like an OpenVZ bug :-(

yap... you are right ! i just create another xen virtual machine in my existing host i make a clean installation of virtualmin i restore all my domains with NO errors everithing smooth and easy !!! what is your recomandation in this case ?

At this point, I think you would need to file a bug with the OpenVZ developers .. I don't think there is much Virtualmin can do. Or perhaps you could switch your filesystem to ext3.