[GPL] Cloudmin ignores disk image size

See attached pictures.

I tried creating a new Xen VM, 10GB disk image, and Cloudmin is ignoring the disk image size and is creating a 1GB disk image. I need this fixed ASAP :(

PS> The disks are stored in a LVM. Server access can be provided if needed

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Does this cause an error during the creation process, or does the new system just not have a disk as large as you specified? If it does cause an error, could you post a screenshot?

Also, if the image is 10G in size, you only need to select "image default" for the size..

Well, I tested with a 5GB, 10GB and 100GB disk. There's no errors, except for a warming about cron not being found, but I've always got that on the two servers I've run Cloudmin on, so it's not really relevant.

Cloudmin shows the 10GB disk under Resources -> Manage Disks, but under Edit System, it's listed as 1008MB

Basically, I need to get 3 Xen VM's set up by the 30th, two with a 10GB disk each, and one with an 850GB disk, so I would love to see if fixed ASAP, and would have no problem paying/donating to get it fixed

Thanks - I see the bug that causes this, and have patched your system with a fix, so if you re-create those Xen instances it should work fine now.

Another work-around would have been to create them with the default disk size, shut them down, then go to Resources -> Manage Disks and increase the root disk size.

Ah, ok, cool, thanks very much :)

It's not working, I tried creating images of various sizes, including the default size, they are all 1GB upon creation. Resizing didn't appear to work at all. Do I need to reboot the server or restart webmin to apply the fix or anything?

Never mind, rebooted, problem solved, you can close the ticket now. Thanks again!!

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