Mailman lists do not work for virtual domains, only for main domain.

I have a server running Virtualmin PRO with main domain I then created a mailing list called on the virtual domain (on the same server).

Aliases for this list exist in /etc/aliases but any message sent to it bounces back with a "No Such User Here" message. However, if I send the message to, it DOES work. So something is wrong with the aliases I think, but what?




Hmm... problems like what you're describing can occur when your system hostname gets out of sync with your /etc/hosts file, along with the mydestination line in /etc/postfix/

You can verify that those are configured correctly first be running the "hostname" command as root... what answer comes back?

That same name needs to have an entry in /etc/hosts next to your servers IP address.

Also, if you look at /etc/postfix/, and scroll down until you see the mydestination line, does your systems hostname exist on that line? If not, you'll need to add it, and then restart Postfix (using /etc/init.d/postfix restart).

Also, check what lines get logged to /var/log/mail.log when you send email to the problem list - they might indicate what is going wrong.