Xen Server Keeps Booting into Pause

I shutdown a Xen instance last night and tried to boot it today and it keeps booting into a Paused state. I tried Un-Pause System, but it just eventually shuts down. Going into the graphical console during the pause just gives me the VNC console with only the Options button available. Any idea of what is going on or how to get my Xen instance rebooted? I have rebooted it before and have not made any changes.



Further info- when I Un-pause and look at the graphical console, I see it displaying:

XENBUS: waiting for devices to initialise: 295s...290s..., etc. When it gets to the end, the instance shuts down.

This can happen if the Xen boot process failed for some reason. You should check the log file /var/log/xend/xend.log to see what gets recorded when you try to boot that Xen instance ..