User Mailbox issue

I am having an user mailbox problem. This situation happend twice on different accounts.

If a user is disabled for special reasons and you want toe enable the login again the user is able to login, send new mails, see his old mails, but new email will not arrive into his mailbox. The sender doesnot getting a bounce message.

When i checked the log files i am able to see that the server received mail so i am clueless why its not reaching the usermail box and also wonder were it is.

This problem happend to me twice and the only way to solve it was to delete the account an create an new one. The present situtation does not allow me to delete the mailbox, since there is mail and the client is only using the webmail functionality. So he has no option to store the existing mail locally.

Can some please provide me a solution for this bugg / issue.

Thanks in advance.



If you check the mail logs (like /var/log/maillog) what does it say is happening to email to this user?

You should also try running mailq to see if they are stuck in the Postfix queue for some reason ..

Hi Jamie,

I have checked the logfile and this is what is written : status=sent (delivered to command: /usr/bin/procmail)

I also ran the postfix mailque with out succes.

The stupid thing is that this client has three domains running / for admin issues i had disabled the use of all his email accounts. After i enabled it there is only one account which is not receiving mails.

I am clueless

Try also checking the log file /var/log/procmail.log for entries from the same time - that should say where the email was actually delivered.

Hi Jamie,

Sorry there is no procmail.log file?

That's very odd, as Virtualmin sets up that log file by default.

What does your /etc/procmailrc file contain? It should have a line like :


I found the problem but no solution.

All mails were going to the -usermail box and the @usermail was not mapped (i have no idea why or how to solve it)

Because the client could no longer wait i created an new account and copied all mails to that account.

If you guys have a permenent solutions then please let me know. I know fear that i will have this problem again once i disable an account temporarly.

Thanks in advance.

That sounds like a virtualmin bug ..

What do you mean by the emails were going to the -usermail mailbox exactly? Do you mean they were delivered to /var/mail/name-usermail instead of /var/mail/name@usermail ?

We set up the system that the username for mail is instead of Normally both are using the same mailbox.

For some reason when an account is enabled after it has been disabled new mails do only appear when the client uses the login. With the client@ login he only sees old mail.

The stranges thing is that there is only ONE mailbox!!!


So i am completly lost here,

That is surprising, as in a default virtualmin install both users have the same home diirectory, and thus the same mail file. Unless you have reconfigure virtualmin to deliver mail somewhere else?

No i did not change the defaults. Could it be possible that the based on the user rights it shows new or old content? (in the same mailbox?)

That seems unlikely, based on my understanding of LDAP.

How exactly (on which page in Virtualmin) did you disable and then re-enable the user?

i have disabled and enabled the user in edit email and ftp users settings. When you click on the username you have te option to disable or enable. (check box)