Qmail not showing up

I have Virtualmin that came with my server. I went to Settings/Virtualmin Config, and selecting Qmail+Vpop When I click Save.. I get this Error: The QMail base directory /var/qmail does not exist. Maybe QMail is not installed, or your module configuration is incorrect.

Also.. I tried to look the root directory but I can't seem to find it.

Please advise at your earliest convenience



Howdy -- Virtualmin's Qmail support, as well as the Virtualmin community's ability to help, isn't anywhere near as good as Postfix... I'd definitely consider sticking with Postfix if it's an option.

Also, if there's any existing email users, you'd need to manually migrate them from Postfix into Qmail.

However, it looks like from the output you're seeing, that you may need to install Qmail.

And the trick there is that there isn't a Qmail package for CentOS that's provided by your Linux distribution vendor... so you'd need to find a suitable Qmail package for your distro/version.

With all that in mind -- my suggestion would be to stick with Postfix, as there's going to be some work involved in getting Qmail/Vpop working on your distro :-)