Drush installer

Hey there,

Since Virtualmin has not released an updated script installer for this new Drupal version that just came out I just upgraded 2 sites perfectly with Drush. It was the first time I used it and it is extremely awesome! Since you have a Drupal site here yourself you should probably know about it by now anyway but if not I am telling you about it now. And since Virtualmin has an awesome command line you should definitely know about it. Its like a command line for Drupal and can perform updates to the core and modules automatically and tons of other things. I really think it should somehow be integrated with Virtualmin or at least have an installer for it.

It would be cool to have some sort of interface to just click and tell it to backup and update all drupal installs and modules somehow.


Thanks for your time =)




Yeah, I've heard about drush, and it sounds great .. being able to do the install from the command line would be much better for Virtualmin that trying to pretend to be a browser to the Drupal web UI.

Is drush a standard part of the Drupal package now though, or does it need to be installed separately?

Hmm, I believe it still has to be installed separately, I didn't try before I tried installing it anyway.

I copied the folder I downloaded from that link into /home/drush and symlinked it to /usr/local/bin I think, like it says in its instructions. Then I just go into the Drupal install root, ie /home/mydrupalsite/public_html, and type drush up and it shows me the modules that have updates and asks if I should continue and then it updates them and seems to do all the necessary steps.

Saved me tons of time updating the site and modules individually. I just can't believe I didn't try it sooner.

I've just released an updated script installer for the new Drupal version ... you can get it at System Settings -> Script Installers -> Installer Updates.

It doesn't yet use drush though, since my current install / update methods seem to work fine..

Well that's alright. Thanks for the update =)

I just think that if we had Drush in the Script Installers then it would be easier to keep it updated to its latest version since there doesn't seem to be a way to auto update it yet that I know of. If I knew how to make such a thing I would if I had the time. At least then people who want to use Drush could be confident that its installed properly and could use it to update their Drupal installs along with all modules. Thats the big thing for me, updating all the modules. It takes me ages to do those individually by hand.

Then the next step maybe would be to make some sort of a script or UI for Drush so it could go through all the Drupal installs that the Script Installer knows about and update the modules. Of course maybe it would have to back them up first in case there were customizations to the code or something. I don't know how all that would work. I just noticed that when I updated Wordpress though it detected changes that were done to the code and shows you which lines were different. That seems pretty neat.

I guess I could add drush as a script type, but I'd prefer that Virtualmin not get too much into managing the modules and internals of apps like Joomla, since they have their own ways of doing this already..

I guess it would be a lot of work. It would be cool if there was a Drush for everything to keep it updated. I think maybe one could just use Drush and make a module for it. Seems a lot like Drupal modules.

I've barely even looked into Drupal modules yet actually ... however, don't they have their own system for keeping up to date? Or is Drush the only way?

Personally I'm not all that sure that putting Drush into the installer scripts is a good idea - For one thing, it's more or less global -- that is, it's not a per-domain thing, you'd only want to do ONE install on the server for all the virtual domains. Typically I just drop it in /opt and link drush up into /bin.

Also the story gets a little complex because drush can now be run remotely, so technically speaking there's no BIG need to iinstall it on the server at all - you can install it on your desktop and just execute against the server.

I think this is one of those things that shouldn't be in the install scripts because there's no reason for the domain owner to have to muck with it. It's more a "sysadmin" install package.

But that's just me.

And for the record, drush ain't a drupal module -- it's a totally external script package.