Ghost server after erreo with creating a virtual server


Somthing went wrong with the creation ofavirtualserver. There is now a virtual domain '128136749530409' ín my virtualmin.

There is no domeinname and the home folder is /home/.

I can't remove this via the interface. Is there a way to remove this?

Martin Koekenberg



Hi Martin -- if you go into "Edit Virtual Server" on this particular Virtual Server, you should see a "created" time. Do you know of anything unusual that went on at that time?

Jamie, I've seen this a few times now... there's a blank Virtual Server that gets created. There's no username or home directory associated with it, it's just that a Virtual Server ID gets displayed in the dropdown list. I haven't figured out a way to reproduce it.

Looks like a domain file might have been somehow partially created .. I've seen this reported a few times, but never been able to re-produce it.

The fix is to SSH in as root, and in the /etc/webmin/virtual-server/domains directory just delete the 128136749530409 file.