Previous PHP version in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Hi all, i've a lot of problem when install VTiger 5.1.0 in Virtualmin -latest version-, same in manually mode and directly from script (version 5.0.4) and upgrade to 5.1.0.

I've found the problem is a PHP 5.3.2 version, and the question is : is possible safely remove that version and install a previous version of PHP 5.2.10 ?

I wait...


Alessandro Gennari



Howdy -- unfortunately, Ubuntu 10.04 comes with PHP 5.3, there's no simple way to move to an earlier version.

One option would be to install a previous Ubuntu version -- Ubuntu 8.04 provides PHP 5.2.4.

Another option would be to take Ubuntu 8.04's PHP version, and compile it to work on 10.04.

Or, you could always take the specific PHP version you want from's site, and compile it. However, I don't generally recommend manually compiling software such as that... it'll just cause issues, such as dependency problems as well as maintenance issues down the road.

So, it can be made to work with some effort, but there's no simple way of getting PHP 5.2 working on Ubuntu 10.04.

Hi andreychek, i think there are another type of solution, virtualmin can test vtiger 5.1.0 installation & functionality, because vtiger 5.1.0 is "on market" from a lot of time.

Can virtualmin change installation scripts and test this one ?

Thanx in advance and excuse my very poor english.

Alessandro Gennari

Howdy -- reading through the vtiger installation manual, it doesn't look like they've completed support for PHP 5.3.

That is, the vtiger system requirements state that installation is only supported on PHP 5.0 through 5.2. They don't support PHP 5.3 at this time.

Unfortunately, if the vtiger software doesn't support PHP 5.3, there's not much we can do to make that work.

Reading through their bugtracker, it does appear that the new vtiger version being developed now (version 5.2) may support PHP 5.3. It's scheduled for release at the end of August.

One possible thing Virtualmin could do is to refuse to install vTiger if PHP 5.3 is installed .. does that sound like a good idea?