Install PHPMyAdmin last when deploying Server TemplateO

It seems that PHPMA is installing BEFORE other db dependent apps, like Joomla. Thenk when I go to PHPMA, it says "no databases". The fix I have found is to uninstall and resinstall, which defeats the purpose of having a Template.

Thanks, K



Did you select a DB for phpMyAdmin in the template? You probably don't want or need to do that, as phpMyAdmin will show the list of DBs based on what is available to the user who logs into it ..

Right. I think that the default behavior is correct, just that hteh thre are no databases when PHPMA installs, I get "no datbases" in PHPMA. Seems like maybe one more flag, like Install Order, First, Last or null might help?

The order really shouldn't matter at all, as when Virtualmin installs phpMyAdmin it doesn't set any databases in the config ... unless you choose one in the "DB name" column. Instead, you should select "None".

Oh, Thanks. I set None for PHPMA. We'll see what happens next provision of a vs.