Subversion Commit/Connection Errors [SOLVED]

I am getting a few different errors, mostly fixed with a cleanup but quite often I'm getting "software error caused connection abort". This usually happens when I'm trying to commit large amounts of files.

I've checked the apache and mysql logs and theres nothing in there.

I've searched quite a bit online already for the connection error not not found anything really very helpful.

Thanks for your help.

Update: It seems to be getting worse, can't transfer more than a couple of MB anymore FTP/SFTP transfers are fine. Error example...

PUT of '/svn/esd2/!svn/wrk/c2a3fbb8-c4fe-de45-a8e5-0f6abe050481/trunk/administrator/components/com_menus/assets/rtl_images/blank.gif': Could not read status line: An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine. (

Why would virtualmin abort the connection part way through?



I have managed to commit a complete project in one go without errors for the first time. I repeated a further 2 times without issue.

Changed httpd.conf keep alive = on

Ok, great! I haven't heard of this being necessary from other users though ..

Did you turn off keep-alive at some point?

No I don't think so. I remember extending the timeout for the same issue. Does it default on or off?

I'm pretty sure it defaults to on.

Perhaps I need version control for my server :)

Thanks for your help